Episode 8: Needs Must

[SCENE I. NICHOLAS’s place. KELLY arrives just as NICHOLAS and SOPHIE are leaving; she tries to get him to stop, but they ignore her as they hurry into the car. She tries the front door, but it is locked, and her key no longer works. She is about to break in through the window when she spies MELINA peering out the window at the retreating car. Their eyes meet and KELLY indicates the door; MELINA hurries over and unlocks it.] Continue reading


Episode 7: Know Thyself

[SCENE I. MELISSA and SARAH’s house. MELISSA is on her laptop the couch, looking generally unkempt: she wears a dirty bathrobe, her hair is a mess, and she has dark circles under her eyes. She is staring listlessly at the monitor. The blinds are all drawn, so the only light comes from the laptop. MELINA walks in, casting sunlight on MELISSA, who cringes away from it.] Continue reading

Administrative Note

Due to a contract dispute with the writing staff, Season 4 was terminated before its time, rather than providing sub-par material for our loyal and discriminating viewers. Season 5 should resume shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Programming Note

With the close of 2012 comes the close of the third season of Vaudeville Ghosts. Season 4 will begin soon; in the meanwhile, happy new year from Vaudeville Ghosts. I hope 2013 is weird and wonderful for you.

Episode 21: Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

[SCENE I. The office. MELISSA is still held captive by the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS, currently shaped like Santa Claus in a business suit. The others stand around tensely before MELINA steps forward, swinging a flashlight like a cudgel. The SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS dissolves into a terrifying spirit form; she loses balance, stumbles past, and hits her head on a desk. She gets up and massages her eye, still scowling.] Continue reading