New Year’s Special: Last Chance For Regret!

[SCENE I. A New Year’s costume party. SARAH, MELINA, and MELISSA are just arriving. MELISSA is wearing her pirate queen regalia, and MELINA is dressed as a sailor–the look is definitely enhanced by her tattoos. SARAH has adopted a rumpled bowler hat–the one she inherited from the ghosts in Tango Till They’re Ghosts–and dusty dark men’s suit, and wearing some extremely pale makeup.] Continue reading


Episode 28: Dragon Slaying

[SCENE I. CELESTE’s bedroom. It’s a vision in gothiness: dark burgundy walls, heavy blackout curtains on the windows, and a neatly made up black bed. Most notable is the large bookshelf, which is pretty full. The room is kept fairly neat except for the occasional stack of books, though it’s pretty clear that these books are currently being referenced, and not just casually left lying around. There is also, on top of the bookshelf, a dragon egg and a bejeweled tiara.

CELESTE is sitting at her desk, writing on a notepad. KELLY is lying on the bed.] Continue reading

Episode 26: Road Trip!

[SCENE I. Somewhere along I-90 through the Cascade mountains, in the winter, at night. This limits the view to snowy evergreen trees–the mountains that would normally be visible are lost to an overcast night sky. SARAH and MELISSA are apparently on a road trip–SARAH is driving, and MELISSA is in the passenger seat, looking like she is about to fall asleep. As the car passes a sign for a rest stop, she perks up.] Continue reading

Programming Note

We’re going to be running dark for a day or two due to the whole “holidays” thing–I’ll be working on adding a story guide for ease of navigation, and possibly some other things that don’t require me to spend the holidays secluded in my room writing, but new episodes are unlikely. Continue reading

Christmas Special: Good Luck With Your Christmas Demons!

[SCENE I. The Xenakis family home, decorated for Christmas. It’s a fairly large house, but the decorations are extensive–poinsettias, holly, etc. A large and elegantly decorated tree sits in the corner. The family is all here, gathered at a dinner table: ANA and DIMITRI, of course, the former of whom wears a reasonably subtle holiday sweater that nevertheless suggests that she is probably responsible for all the decorations. MELISSA and MELINA are also here, sitting next to each other. When compared directly to her twin, MELINA is much wirier and grimier, and, of course, heavily tattooed–but they are still unmistakeably identical, especially in mannerisms. Neither have really dressed for the occasion, though MELISSA is pretty heavily bundled up for being indoors. SARAH has also joined the family, and is wearing a truly awful Christmas sweater and a Santa cap.

There are frost ferns on the windows, and it is snowing. From the looks of things, they are just about at the end of dinner.] Continue reading