Episode 24: Hooray Madame Corday!

[SCENE I. NICHOLAS’s house. He is sitting on the couch, staring blankly at the ceiling. KELLY is in the kitchen fixing herself something to eat. There is a knock at the door. NICHOLAS mutters darkly to himself as he rises to his feet to answer the door, and is surprised to find CHARLOTTE CORDAY waiting for him at the door.] Continue reading


Episode 23: Doing The Time Warp

[SCENE I. GAVIN’s party. The MELISSAE and SARAH arrive, and are almost immediately ambushed by the WIZARD, who, depending on your perspective, is either not wearing a costume, or is wearing the same costume he’s always been wearing.] Continue reading

Episode 21: The Bony King of Nowhere

[SCENE I. Deep within the crypt. GAVIN and MELISSA are making a desperate attempt to fight their way out through a horde of SKELETONS. Somehow they seem to be making headway until MELISSA slips, twists her ankle, and falls to the ground. GAVIN’s momentum breaks as he turns to help her, but there are too many skeletons in the way.] Continue reading