Episode 13: Our Home And Native Land

[SCENE I. The mayor’s office. It’s some time after dark. NICHOLAS is sitting in the office formerly belonging to Mayor HALL, looking at a dossier of photos furnished to him by GAVIN, standing opposite.] Continue reading


Episode 12: Oh, Canada

[SCENE I. GAVIN’s house. JEREMY and GAVIN are on the couch, talking about something or other; the television is on in the background, playing the news.] Continue reading

Episode 7: The Devil Gets His Due

[SCENE I. GAVIN’s house, late at night. The living room is dark and empty, with the book of demonology open on the coffee table. MELISSA emerges from the bedroom, dressed in a bra and panties, hair disheveled. She pours herself a glass of water and sits down on the couch, sleepily turning through the pages of the book as she drinks her water. Eventually she turns to a page with the sigil she’s been looking for on it. She pauses for a moment before turning the page, then seems to realize what she’s just seen and turns back. She looks suddenly alert now, as she puts her water down and gets up and runs back into the bedroom.] Continue reading