Episode 17: A Moment For Reflection

[SCENE I. MELISSA’s bedroom. She is apparently asleep. The light of the moon breaks through the curtains and falls across her face, and her shadow seems to get up and take the form of a ghostly doppelganger of MELISSA. It is dressed and looks exactly like she does. She stirs in her sleep as her DOPPELGANGER rises, all pale and insubstantial, and, with a sinister smile, it passes through the window and disappears. Time lapses, and eventually MELISSA rises in the morning and looks in the full-length mirror hanging on her door, only to find that she has no reflection. Indeed, she doesn’t appear to cast a shadow at all. She runs out of the room and downstairs, where SARAH is calmly drawing on the couch downstairs.] Continue reading


Episode 16: Witch Hunt

[SCENE I. A montage of interrogation. Three WITCHES are bound, the WIZARD is performing some magic rituals. There is the traditional single chair in a dark room with a bright light, with, at different intervals, SARAH, MELINA, and the WIZARD asking them questions. MELISSA sits in the background looking vaguely uneasy. Nobody is paying her much attention. Eventually the interrogation is finished, and all four of them stand outside.] Continue reading

Episode 15: Scared Speechless

[SCENE I. A haunted house. MELISSA, SARAH, and MELINA are going through a haunted house. It features very realistic-looking spiderwebs, and generally looks like it has been abandoned for many years. Some spooky statues and architecture complete the look. Rather than the typical scares of people jumping out, the ambiance is subtle. Objects seem to shift in the corner of one’s eye, and there are some faint, ghostly images and strange, haunting music playing. SARAH and MELINA seem to be getting into the spirit; MELISSA looks incredibly bored. As they reach the end, a GHOST appears in a blood-stained wedding dress and passes through them. SARAH screams; she and MELINA break into a run. MELISSA saunters after slowly. After a while they are standing just outside, looking panicked.] Continue reading