Vaudeville Ghosts (And Other Haunted Tales) is  set in fictional Portland, Washington, a town which has failed to distinguish itself in any way at all. It was formerly known as Sophie Swanson: Titular Heroine, but she was unceremoniously stripped of her title.

This is a series of short scripts that were written for no reason except to be written, and read. It started with a script I wrote in 2006, which became the stop motion short film The Haiku Menace, which featured a local hangout called the Jaded Old Crone. Five years later, I got the urge to write more in that universe. Why scripts? Why not?

In Season 1, each episode is more or less self-contained, but maybe you should consider starting at the first episode, Tango Till They’re Ghosts. You don’t have to, but it helps. There are a few short serials. In Season 2, I’ve slowed the pacing down a bit, so serials are more likely. Try starting with Retail Hell.

All stories licensed CC-BY-NC.


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