Melissa Xenakis. The sarcastic daughter of Greek immigrants, who describes herself as shiftless and lazy. She is easily bored and prone to meddling in order to alleviate this boredom, despite her constant protests that what she is doing is a terrible idea. Generally considered unsafe to be around. Melissa studies creative writing at the university, when she remembers. She was recently hired to the Portland Examiner, where she sometimes does some reporting, and writes a comic called “Cabaret Spectres” with Sarah Ames.

Sarah Ames. Melissa’s best friend and constant companion, Sarah is constantly cheerful and usually oblivious to dangers. Most of her close friends privately suspect that she is secretly making fun of everyone all the time; most other people assume that she does a lot of drugs. Sarah is an art student at the university. She does the art for “Cabaret Spectres,” and also works in some undefined capacity at the Portland Examiner.

Sophie Swanson. Formerly the star reporter of the Portland Examiner, Sophie is prone to holding petty grudges and probably a bit of a sociopath. She is also prone to grandiose delusions. She certainly would rather see someone get murdered in a grisly way than see them rescued. Known enemies include a trio of local goths, Melissa Xenakis, and the Devil. Lost her job at the Examiner after Charlotte Corday took over, but seems to have started hiring herself out as a private investigator.

Eric Connell. Sophie’s friend and former coworker, Eric is a photojournalist and thinks of himself as the only sane person at the paper, or possibly in town. He joined the Examiner because he assumed that the position was actually in Portland, Oregon, and is quite cynical about just about everything that happens. This doesn’t keep him from tagging along for Sophie’s adventures, of course.

Gavin Roderick. Gavin is an ideas man. He works at a local restaurant that is generally too high-end for his friends, but mostly he is known for his constant schemes to make it big that invariably end in disaster. He is well-liked and relatively reasonable, except when caught in the throes of another get-rich-quick scheme.

Jeremy Adler. Jeremy is a good friend of Gavin’s, and something of a mad scientist–though despite Gavin’s insistence, he never uses his inventions for financial gain, and he tries to be as ethical as possible, given the circumstances. The problem is the circumstances are seldom very kind.

Nicholas Hayes. According to Nicholas, he is Melissa’s ex-boyfriend, and it is considered common knowledge that he still carries a torch, even though he has a girlfriend. He is brooding, negative, and cynical, and is willing to put up with a lot more abuse than is generally considered wise. Nicholas is an Eagle Scout.

Kelly Hayes. Nicholas’s little sister has a long-standing rivalry with her brother and is also in love with Melissa. She is a girl scout and aspiring artist. She may also be the kingpin of a smuggling ring that provides illegal food to all of Canada.

Charlotte Corday. A seasoned professional of the revenge business, Charlotte Corday now owns the Portland Examiner, and combines a practicality that is rare in Portland with the ability to utterly destroy anyone who crosses her. She is dating Nicholas Hayes, who should probably be more frightened of her than he is.

Melina Xenakis. Melissa’s heavily tattooed identical twin sister, who used to work as a bike courier in Seattle. She is less lazy, but this just makes her more likely to cause trouble. She was fired for skipping out on her job to hunt down an old family foe, and now lives on Sarah and Melissa’s couch. She probably doesn’t pay rent.

Claire “Celeste” Jones. Celeste (actually Claire) is a local goth who has taken an interest in urban exploration. She may be an important figure (the Dark Lady) in fairy legend. Used to be the queen of the fairies, but got bored and came back to Portland. Owns a dragon egg. Sold her ability to enjoy top 40 music and Adam Sandler movies to fairies, in exchange for mastery of the guitar.

The Devil. Also known as Satan, Lucifer, the bright morning star, etc., the Devil is the lord of Hell and a master of evil. He once tried to win a guitar duel by playing Freebird. It didn’t go over well.


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