Administrative Note

Due to a contract dispute with the writing staff, Season 4 was terminated before its time, rather than providing sub-par material for our loyal and discriminating viewers. Season 5 should resume shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Programming Note

With the close of 2012 comes the close of the third season of Vaudeville Ghosts. Season 4 will begin soon; in the meanwhile, happy new year from Vaudeville Ghosts. I hope 2013 is weird and wonderful for you.

Programming Note

All of us here at Vaudeville Ghosts would like to apologize for the uncustomary delay in the production of new episodes. The actress who plays Melissa went missing while filming in Canada. In a desire not to alarm any of our regular viewers, the ongoing search was kept under wraps. She is alive and well and a little confused that nobody made any effort to simply call or email her about her whereabouts, as she was just visiting friends and had full access to communication networks.

New episodes will resume again shortly. We once again apologize for the delay.

Programming Note

We’re going to be running dark for a day or two due to the whole “holidays” thing–I’ll be working on adding a story guide for ease of navigation, and possibly some other things that don’t require me to spend the holidays secluded in my room writing, but new episodes are unlikely. Continue reading