Season 2!

That wraps it up for season 1. Season 2 begins with the next episode. I’m far too erratic to keep to an update schedule but I will continue to shoot for “as frequently as possible.” Meanwhile, happy new year!


Christmas Special: Good Luck With Your Christmas Demons!

[SCENE I. The Xenakis family home, decorated for Christmas. It’s a fairly large house, but the decorations are extensive–poinsettias, holly, etc. A large and elegantly decorated tree sits in the corner. The family is all here, gathered at a dinner table: ANA and DIMITRI, of course, the former of whom wears a reasonably subtle holiday sweater that nevertheless suggests that she is probably responsible for all the decorations. MELISSA and MELINA are also here, sitting next to each other. When compared directly to her twin, MELINA is much wirier and grimier, and, of course, heavily tattooed–but they are still unmistakeably identical, especially in mannerisms. Neither have really dressed for the occasion, though MELISSA is pretty heavily bundled up for being indoors. SARAH has also joined the family, and is wearing a truly awful Christmas sweater and a Santa cap.

There are frost ferns on the windows, and it is snowing. From the looks of things, they are just about at the end of dinner.] Continue reading

Episode 18: Friend of the People

[SCENE I. The Jaded Old Crone. NICHOLAS is waiting for his meal to arrive, drinking a coffee in the meanwhile. Enter CHARLOTTE CORDAY. She is tall and thin, with short platinum blonde hair, and is carrying a suitcase–she has just arrived in town. This is probably an inadequate description: she looks like she’s walked off the page of a fashion magazine. It is perhaps understandable, then, if NICHOLAS is a little distracted when she walks in. He looks genuinely surprised when she, on looking around, approaches his table.] Continue reading

Episode 16: Pressganged

[SCENE I. The Jaded Old Crone. A group of sailors from an Alaskan fishing boat are drinking at a table and discussing problems with recruiting–the CAPTAIN saying something like “We’ll never find a replacement before the season’s up.” SOPHIE is at the bar, watching them with interest. At this point she decides to pay them a visit.] Continue reading